The National Association of Milky Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria (NARMOB) would like to make it known that they have an approved Information and Promotion programme for Sheep Meat and Sheep Milk Cheese under the Council Regulation (EC) No 3/2008 and 501/2008. The programme is titled “EU sheep meat and sheep milk cheese. Try the quality, taste the difference” and is targeted to the internal markets of Germany, Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria. The NARMOB has concluded contract with State Fund Agriculture and the implementation of the programme has already begun.The NARMOB are now inviting interested organisations to tender for the monitoring and measuring the results of the actions under this programme. Interested parties applying for this Tender application must be experienced in such programmes both in having worked closely with proposing organisations and competent authorities, and have both the financial and technical capacity required in order to successfully assess the results of the measures and activities, that are to be implemented under the programme. The payment to the selected candidate shall be made upon acceptance by NARMOB of the required evaluation report according to the

Regulations. Candidates are invited to submit their tenders in writing to the National Association of Milky Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria (NARMOB) at the address listed below in this tender invitation. Tender documents must be marked with the tender Reference Number and be marked “Confidential” and must be received by 12:00 hrs, 25 April 2016. All tender documents outlining conditions of participation, selection, award criteria and application details, will be sent upon email request only at  until 15 April 2016. Candidates wishing to apply are welcome to contact Mr. Simeon Karakolev, Chairman of NARMOB for further information. All Tender documentation should be written in English or Bulgarian.


Mr. Simeon Karakolev

Chairman of the National Association of Milky Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria (NARMOB)

25 A “Nikola Gabrovski” Str

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Telephone/Fax: +359 62 622 336